50+ Fascinating Wooden Garden Gates Ideas


50+ Fascinating Wooden Garden Gates Ideas

50+ Fascinating Wooden Garden Gates Ideas. Wooden garden gates have a long history, a history that stretches back about as long as we have had gardens, most likely. Wood is a material we have used since the beginning of time, almost. It is readily available, easy to shape and work, and it is renewable, which in today’s climate of environmental thinking, is surely a good thing. Wooden garden gates look good. They have a chunky secure appearance that gives confidence, yet they can have an elegance and style that shows off a garden to its best effect.

Wooden garden gates have to withstand a lot of variation in weather conditions, regardless of where you live. In summer it is likely to be drier and hotter, with colder and wetter weather prevailing in winter. From severe frost to searing heat, it all takes its toll in the long run.

For this reason, wooden garden gates need to be built to take whatever comes along. Wood can do that if it’s properly treated and maintained. This is quite easy to do and very much worthwhile doing too. A properly looked after wood garden gate can last a lifetime or more, delighting more than one generation in the process.

Wood lends itself well to all kinds of customizations and decoration. It is possible to have sweeping contours and stylish patterning to fully set off the item. Wooden garden gates can be combined with metal surroundings, perhaps an upper decorative section made from wrought iron. This could serve to add interest as well as security.

Custom ironwork on wooden garden gates can add considerable strength as well as pleasing aesthetics. The presence of strong metal next to wood, or interpenetrating the wood, can serve as a confidence booster to any owner, and as a deterrent to any would-be intruder.


Wooden gates can be left to look like they were made from the material they are, or they can be coated with a multitude of paints, finishes, and varnishes in a multitude of colours, shades, and textures, that not only protect the original surfaces but transform the item into something beautiful, startling or just very satisfying to have.

Wooden garden gates can be simple, average or highly complex. They can be designed in a traditional way, or a highly futuristic way that might raise an eyebrow or two. Whatever way you present wooden garden gates, always remember you were wide to choose wood.

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