Home Design

I love creating these room idea boards for you all, and this modern boho living room is by far my personal favorite! I am slowly but surely turning our (mostly) builder-grade home into the modern boho home of my dreams! […]

Flowers and plants make the basic decorations you find in homes and corporations, gardens and shopping centers. Even vegetables are now grown indoors even if indoor gardening starts from more basic concepts. Since most such gardens use artificial light, they […]

Life can be pretty chaotic: our jobs, our homes, and our families can make a lot of demands on our time. But one of life’s most soothing resources can be found right in your own backyard. Landscapes that provide a […]

Kitchen interior design is one of the most popular areas of interior design. It is also one of the most expensive rooms to re-design. Many people attempt to do it themselves when it comes to remodeling their kitchen. However, if […]

This guide is not just for people wanting to build their new home, but also for people wanting to get into the business of wood working, wood signs, cabinets and different designs. Wood design or home improvement is not for […]

If you have a small bedroom but want to decorate it with style and using some smart ideas – have a look! We’ve gathered lots of ideas to decorate such a room and some tips to pull it off right […]

Beadboard is a row of narrow wood planks lined up vertically (sometimes horizontally) on the wall. In between each wood plank is a little indentation or ridge—also known as a “bead”. Standard beadboard comes in 1.5-inch and 3-inch widths. The […]

Pink is a cool glam color that is suitable not only for little girls’ spaces, it can be used in adult rooms and not only feminine ones. Today we are sharing some ideas to design a home office with pink […]

I guess most agree with me that a good looking front yard would enhance the look in your entire property. And I don’t mean just the aesthetic side of things. In most cases, properties with nice looking front yards would […]

If you have a small porch and just some space to decorate, what’s better to choose? The most common thing on each porch is greenery, so choose your favorite plants and decorate your porch with them using original planters. In case you […]

If you are a luvky owner of some outdoor space and can stay there during these days, I bet you already have some nice furniture to stay there – or maybe you want to change it? You may need some […]

The modern bedroom color schemes offer a huge palette that allows you to make a choice depending on the feel you would like to create. If you have been putting off getting your bedroom painted for some time now, it […]

There are two months left before summer but it’s time to think about summer décor now, look for some cool furniture and designs and DIY something interesting. Today I’d like to share some awesome summer terrace designs that will definitely inspire you […]

Green plants and flowers make any space alive, fresh and inviting. Plants in bathrooms are rare, it’s usually not a place for growing anything due to often lack of space, natural light and excessive humidity. An amazing idea is air plants […]