Green Roof Garden Design Ideas by Caliper Studio

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green roof garden 01

It is probably a little bit rare to find green buildings in the big city like New York City. But Caliper Studio has turned a couple of dull low-rise brick buildings which is located in the heart of the West Village in New York City into an extraordinary green space that has enhanced the neighborhood views to be more fresh and cool. This studio and apartment are completed beautifully with a penthouse emerging from the garden roof. To the top of it, it also supports efficient energy. The rooftop garden is an extraordinary green space. The natural feel is created by combining two separate building roofs at different elevations into one continuous system. The impact is not merely functional but also visual and the expansive green also helps to reduce the heat island effect, cooling the area down in summer time. This nice and creative building space is designed by Caliper Studio.

green roof garden 02
green roof garden 03
green roof garden 04
green roof garden 05
green roof garden 06
green roof garden 07
green roof garden 08
green roof garden 09
green roof garden 10
green roof garden 11
green roof garden 12
green roof garden 13
green roof garden 14

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