Gather all your supplies, and plan ahead before installing your dishwasher. In small kitchens with limited space there is an 18 inch model available. Measure your opening and purchase the proper sized unit for your kitchen.

If you want to have a different look for your kitchen, you can implement red kitchen ideas by adding some pieces of furniture in it like the use of red kitchen cabinets or black and red dining tables.

These kitchen designs will really save your home. The circular method will enable you to alter the functions as you want. It is very proper for your small kitchen.

These white and yellow kitchen designs from Mesons are very cool for your kitchen. With its cheerful colors, you can be very creative when cooking here.

Contemporary and minimalist kitchen is great particularly the one which brings the natural concepts. The furniture material choice is the way to go with that concept.

Modern and minimalist kitchen design made by MK Cunine can be your reference if you are looking for a kitchen design which is not only very aesthetic but also practical.