The Allen Centennial Gardens is a free public garden. It is located on the grounds of the University of Wisconsin–Madison. […]

The availability of garden becomes more urgent recently. That is why garden design must be more modern to follow this pace. Modern garden design becomes very vital.

Modern garden design are very popular today. Modern garden functions more right now. It also varies in more creative designs. It also becomes the extension of a house.

Look at these floating swimming pools. The design is very nice and looks so modern. These pools would be very great for outdoor activities such as birthday party.

Natural swimming pool give a sense of freshness and originality. It is very different from the standard swimming pool in which chemical water is found.

There are several landscaping design ideas that we can find and apply to create a perfect garden look such as front yard, back yard, patio and rock landscaping ideas.

If you are looking for landscaping photos with modern design, these modern landscaping may inspire you. They are perfect your back landscaping or front landscaping garden.

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