Brooklin House in São Paulo, Brazil

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brooklin house in brazil

Brooklin House is a private home situated in São Paulo, Brazil. This contemporary home was designed by Galeria Arquitetos in 2008. This small house was built in 2008 in a quite narrow site (5,5m by 33m [18ft by 108ft]).


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The site is located in a residential and low density neighborhood of Sao Paulo, in a very quiet street and its back overlooks the Hípica Paulistana. The site limitations led the design of the open plan ground floor in order to provide a flexible fluid space without visual barriers.

A long concrete piece of furniture was designed along the wall to organize the space in the ground floor providing shelves for the living room, side board for the dining room and work top and storage for the kitchen.

The stairs to the bedrooms floor were placed opposite to the concrete piece and bathed in sun light through a glass roof directly above it. The glass roof is also the access to the roof terrace where it is possible to appreciate the view to the green areas surrounding the site. Despite the fact of being quite small in area, internal and external areas were design to feel like the same space providing a generous but very cozy ambiance.

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