All-in-One Furniture Set: from Bedroom to Dining Table

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compact furniture set design
Is your home small and it does not allow you to position bedroom, living room, and dining room? Don’t be worried, if you follow this design, you will be able to get all of them. Furniture design, All-in-One Furniture Set from Matroshka are addressed for your home having limited space area.

compact furniture set  design

compact furniture set


The entire measurement from this one set furniture is 1,2 meter but with its “changeable system” will enable you to have a bedroom with “double bed”, a desk for working and studying, a guest table with six chairs, a dining table completed with four chairs, a wardrobe and a cupboards and a small warehouse. You can get all of them simply by “messing work on” the existing arrangement. It is guaranteed that this design from Matroshka will save your space so much.

compact bedroom furniture set
compact living furniture set
compact dining room furniture set
compact dinning room furniture set concept

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