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Home design or decoration and architecture deal with all things used to adorn your interior and exterior aspects and elements of your house – living room, bathroom, dining room, bedroom, kitchen, garden, and all the pieces furniture inside such as lamps, sofas, chairs – and other buildings such as hotels, corporate spaces, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants, theaters, airport, and stations. Plushemisphere tries to share with all about home design, maintenance, and architecture. Here, you will find lots of ideas and inspirations for beautifying your home and making your house a better living place. You can enhance your ideas when attempting to decorate or redecorate your dwelling with the inspiring and fresh tips and information about all kinds of stuff such as stunning pieces of furniture, pictures and photos of home designs, recent home architectural designs and news, home devices and gadgets, and more again. This site is not trying to sell any of products appearing in this site.

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